"... vile invasions of encroaching men"

Pet MS A29 p64

Better than an almanac?

"This curiosity often made him forget the corns which he was constantly troubled with & which he considered better than an almanack to tell the changes of the weather"

Pet MS A45 R14
In 'The Vicar's Sermon' from Clare's aborted novel "Memoirs of Uncle Barnaby" (Arbour Editions, 2017)


Image "Ignorance is bliss" by George Cruikshank

"Avarice is never without cunning      & that cunning that is never at a loss to invent a plausibility for every trick she causes      to make trumps so that she can pocket the money"

Pet MS A53 p17r

Our rulers...

A timely warning...

"To live by one mans will would be the cause of many mens misery"
Pet MS A45 p38

"Mount such on horseback & theyll ride to hell"
(The Parish, line 1295)


The beauty thro my life hath been
The muse of many a theme

Fragment EP II p531

A boy agen

"Lord might I be a king of men
Id sooner be a boy agen"

Pet MS A59 p49