'Study' ... from "The Wish"

The other hours I'd spend in letterd ease
To read or study just as that might please

Pet MS C2 p63-6
EP I 46-50
(Unpublished elsewhere)

[To keep me company in the Clare archive in Peterborough this week]

True Poesy...

[Image: Anthony Lewis]

"True poesy is not in words
But in images that thoughts express"

MP III 581

Promises in Love...

[Image : Anne Lee]

"Promises In Love Are Never Sure"

Child Harold (line 1096)


[Image: Peter De Wint, a contemporary and friend of Clare]

Fair was the morn and Summer in its prime
For whats more lovlier than hay-making time

from "A Hunt for Dobin"
EP I 70

The power of Summer...

"The oak's slow-opening leaf of deepening hue
Bespoke the power of Summer once again"

EP I 521