Truth and Falsehood

Four aphorisms in one... throws a little light on the political parties of our own time as well as Clares!  View the picuture full size and you will see how accurate was Cruikshank's vision of the 1820s and our own times.

"Truth is always assented with the fewest words & falsehood with the most protestations.   Truth simply thinks you believe her & falsehood wishes to make you believe her."

Pet MS A18 p240r

Political Parties...

Whig and Tory in Clare's time, both of course with vast wealth.  Nevertheless, very familiar in 2016.

"Party is the madness of many for the gain of a few"

Pet MS A18 p240r


Some white like palaces of marble seems
The towers of heaven which they’re called in dreams

Pet MS A21 p6

False appearances...

Clare commenting on Mossack Fonseca 200 years ago?  What HAS changed?

"interest may dictate & he only keeps his cunning out of sight to make use of it to take the better advantage"

Pet MS A43 p26-34

True love...

[Image: Annie Lee]

"I met Patty by accident fell in love by accident married her by accident and esteemed her by choice"       

'Poet in Love' Rowe & Lee - (Arbour Editions) 2015