"Our present laws defend the property of the great but they often leave the property of the poor man to the care of providence alone"  (Pet MS A46 p109)

Party politics...

"When both sides are beaten the only way to know the fact is by hearing them both claim the victory" 
(Pet MS A49 p20)


"Thy smiles woud win a world to be thy friend" 
(Pet MS A42 p103)

Beer (again)...

"All hail thou stingo of renown"
(Pet MS A16 p38)


"White flowering oer the tankards crown"
(Pet MS A16 p38)

Lost love?

"Turn again thou sweet beguiling" 
(Pet MS A10 p4)


"Tyrant to day to morrow gone" 
(Solitude - 'Village Minstrel')


"& all things mortal like to shadows pass"
(MP I 325)


"Blackbirds loud minstrels of the summer shower"
(Pet MS A53 p23)


"... the elm groves that groaned beneath no tax
have paid their tribute to the lawless axe" 

(Pet MS A57 R85)

The mind...

"Mind alone is the sun the world" 
(Pet MS A20 R76)


"Spring comes anew & brings each little pledge"
(Pet MS A40 p30a)


"Poverty has many oppressors & no voice to be heard above them"
(Pet MS A48 pR39)


"Past is the scene of loves delights" 
(The Poet in Love)

What is love?

Say What Is Love — To Live In Vain 
To Live & Die & Live Again
(Child Harold)