A morning view...

[The image by Anne Lee is of a window in Clare's Cottage]

"My chamber window should oer look the east that in delicious views my eyes might feast" 

Pet MS C2 p63


Tho health from exercise is said to spring
Foolhardy toil health will never bring

Nor MS 1 p27

May day love...

"The song of the maidens you hear them begin,
To sing the old ballads while cowslips they pull"

LP (II) 1108

"An art of money catching..."

"Politics may be said to be an art of money catching - the terms Wig & Tory are only distinctions between the actors in the play - their discourse is of their country but when their parts are done we see they only meant themselves"

Pet MS A45 p31

The Election...

[Workhouse photo, late 19th century]

"This class complain of poverty but show no appearance of it while the other is so destitute that one wonders they should have been silent so long"

Tibbles "The Prose of John Clare" page 226