Second thoughts...

Lord Radstock to John Taylor, 23 February 1820

"I have ever been a great admirer of proverbs, and this from a conviction of their being, generally, founded on Wisdom, and the experience of ages.  Among my favourites that of 'Second thoughts are best', is one for which I have long had the highest respect, it often serving me as an oracle to guide me..."

Quoted in 'John Clare's Proverbs' - David Powell - Tern Press (2000)


"Popularity is a hasty and a busy talker"

European Magazine, November 1825


Who falls in love will seek his own undoing
The road to marriage is — ‘the road to ruin’

Don Juan a Poem

LP I 89


"I wish young married dames were not so frisky
Nor hide the ring to make believe they’re single"
Don Juan A Poem
LP I 89